Thursday, August 16, 2007

Morning Wardo

Revolution ("Our leader is Chairman Bob Avakian!") on Wardo chickenhawks:

Many scholars and intellectuals have defended Churchill and condemned the witch-hunt against him. They have seen through the lies surrounding this case, understood the tremendous threat to critical thinking hidden behind them and have defended Churchill as an expression of principle.

Unfortunately, many others have stood on the sidelines. Others have joined in on the attacks, or have blamed Churchill for his problems, and for putting others in danger. Some have even advocated throwing Churchill to the dogs in order to protect themselves--which amounts to sawing off the branch you're sitting on.

Throwing Churchill to the dogs while sawing off the branch you're sitting on. They're not academics, they're acrobats!

Academics have a special responsibility--to “sound the alarm” as broadly as possible, enlist the broad masses in the defense of dissenting scholars and critical thinking in academia, and contribute to the greatest degree possible to the awakening of society in fundamental opposition to this whole regime.
Speaking of the broad masses, a couple more comments from the petition to Free, er, Reinstate Ward. "Elizabeth Aahronson, Ed.D." offers this:
If they come for Churchill in the morning, they'll be coming for me in the evening. [One can only hope.] Respect academic freedom!!!!
While "Kathy Nicholas" truly needs help:
The firing of Ward Churchill has confirmed for me that this country is in perhaps our darkest days ever. That an institution of higher learning would pander to the far right and disregard the Constitution and the rights of students to an education is not only appalling, but seriously frightening. For the simple sake of what is right I urge you to reinstate Professor Churchill.
Update: the two other "main points" of the Revolutionary Communist Party ("besides "Our leader is Chairman Bob Avakian") are "Our Ideology is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism" and "Our Vanguard is the Revolutionary Communist Party" (natch).

MIM would probably disagree with that last.

Update II: "Our darkest days ever." Wow.

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