Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pinky picks a genocide

At the very strange The Pinky Show blog, a 14-year-old girl asks Pinky why she never talks about the Holocaust. Pinky answers, in part:
Personally I don’t say that the Shoah is not as important as Native American genocide, or vice versa. The logic of genocide is evil in every case, and I cannot in good conscience tell the victims of any like situation that they have been less victimized. I think this in itself can be hurtful or dehumanizing, no disrespect intended to the countless innocents who perished in occupied Europe.

She then recommends, among other books, Ward Churchill's A Little Matter of Genocide.

The Pinky Show is also a "super lo-tech" TV program allegedly aimed at adults but also encouraged for use by teachers. A couple of sample programs: "Do-it-yourself ribbon stickers":

Those Support Our Troops stickers are everywhere. Make your own!


"Banked into submission: the globalizationist's guide to developing poverty."

Bunny tells Mimi about how the World Bank and IMF can be used as extremely useful tools for the cultivation of Third Word poverty. Sorry, phrases such as "structural adjustment", "austerity programs", and "conditionalities" are not mentioned in this episode!

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