Friday, August 03, 2007

Weird Bird Friday

Weird Bird Friday Bonus!!

To make up for the fact that I completely missed Weird Bird Friday last week (I have a good excuse--really!), we have a very special Weird Bird Friday this week. It's a find-the-hidden-objects puzzle! Anyone who finds all the hidden objects--and all you have to do is write a comment saying "I found them!" (I'm very trusting)--wins a prize. And there may even be an additional prize for anyone who can guess what the prize is. (Hint: it's the same prize as for all other Weird Bird contests.)

Here it is:

In this big picture find the T-shirt, seashell, fish, hammer, sailing ship, artichoke, sombrero, umbrella, kite, pliers, and lollipop.

Can you find these Hidden Pictures?

Courtesy of Highlights for Children. Used without permission.

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