Friday, August 24, 2007

Weird Bird Friday!

You know it's a jgm production this week because a) it's late; and b) I always use an exclamation point in the title (to denote excitement!)!

The D-a-W is in the mountains somewhere camping and meditating with the other Zen freaks [update: er, students]. Even people who spend their time focusing on nothing need a change now and then.

This week's weird bird is via the non-profit Community Energy Systems of--I don't know exactly where. Springfield, central Illinois, around in there.

Actually it's from "dougnic," who runs the Energy Tough Love Blog for the .org and whom old-timey D-blog readers will remember as occasional commenter "dougie." CES wants to bend your ear about energy use, then use the energy released by your ear snapping back into shape to power their offices. It's all about renewability, Flopsy.

This pic was taken at the Illinois State Fair at an energy conservation display:

The bird (don't know what make or model) is weird because it's dead. Up close and personal:

It's mounted up there to show the danger (see sign lower right) of high voltage. dougnic sez: "Yes it is a dead bird. Not merely resting."

Of course.

Update: Forgot to mention that JS over at Dissident News has a "New York Friday" post up with many nice pictures of (duh) New York City. Intro:
Pictures of my trip to work this morning across the Manhattan Bridge. I decided to take the Manhattan Bridge instead of the Brooklyn Bridge because I hate dealing with the tourists on the Brooklyn Bridge who are constantly stepping in front of one's bike. I also like the gritty urban Flash Dancer feel to the bike trip.
He's thinking of making this a regular feature. He should.

Update II: In his post Dougnic calls me an "avid environmentalist." If by that he means a kid who saw Deliverance and thought, to paraphrase another friend, "I've got to do that" (canoe a river, not be ravaged by filthy toothless hillbillies), then he's right. If by it he means somebody who, you know, knows anything about the environment--any environment--then, sadly, no.

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