Friday, August 10, 2007

Revolution facilitated

An analysis of Ward Churchill's situation from the unbearably named Shubel Morgan: the Art of Maoism:
[U]nlike the 1945 German communists, Ward Churchill doesn’t have the reinforcement of the victorious Soviet Red Army ensuring his right to freely speak the most important honest things to naturally say about amerikkka and amerikkkans. That’s regrettable.
Bet Ward agrees with you there, Shubel. [Update: "the most important honest things to naturally say"? What a communist way of putting it.]
He identifies just a paltry few Little Eichmanns by name and boom, after recovering from a collective fainting spell, amerika erupts in witch-hunting, railroading, and full blown kangaroo kourting.
Boom. Kangaroo kourting.
Ward Churchill, in naming names in amerika, speaks for the oppressed against the oppressors and their functionaries. Others who in the past spoke for the oppressed, could they be with us now, would say point blank Ward Churchill is right. The communists of Germany, 1945, would say yes, we’ve seen this Litle [sic] Eichmann movie before, and Ward Churchill is right. And is there any doubt where John Brown would stand? He stood against the Little Eichmanns of slavery and would certainly stand against the Little Eichmanns of imperialism. Old John Brown the revolutionary, could he be here, would bear witness to the now global “crimes of this guilty land” and declare Ward Churchill to be absolutely right.
"Shubel Morgan" was an alias used by John Brown.

More Chutch: AK Press reminds us that they have lots of Ward's books for sale. Get 'em before they're pulped.

Update II: Shubel, meet Security Minister. You guys will have a lot to cryptically communicate about.

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