Monday, August 13, 2007

Chutch lives!

Anybody notice that ex-professor Ward Churchill is still listed and pictured on the ethnic studies faculty page, and that his bio is still posted? Just a small memorial to the disgraced faker, one supposes, from his ethnic studies colleagues. Solidarity.

Churchill's dog and CU instructor Benjie Whitmer, by the way, appears to be "teaching" only one class this fall, the ambiguously titled but unquestionably rigorous American Indian Films (ETHN 2203-001-MWF 2-2:50).

Update: More signatures to the Free, er, Reinstate Ward Churchill petition: Reggie "But I'm Not a Moron" Dylan:
The Native American genocide is a FACT, not a footnote! Reverse the firing of Ward Churchill and defend dissent and critical thinking in academia.
"Anthony Abraira" says, faux-cogently:
If the educational system is actually an indoctrination system, then this firing is called for. However, if our institutions are there to give insight and educate people to uphold their declared liberties, than this man should be promoted for realizing an instance of practiced Americanism.
Juliana Simpson appears to be Homer's sister:
Academic Freedom is part of our "democracy" the world is tired of the lies and deceit used to manipulate anyone who actually uses their mind.
"Mike Unteswet" (I saw that one!) adds a comment, then "paul C sutton" weighs in at #421 (skyrocketing, I tells ya):
The media is bought and paid for. Academics are some of the few people with the authority to say that the emporer is wearing no clothes. You action will have a chilling effect on academic freedom. Please rescind - we always need dissenting voices - right or wrong.
Or lying.

Update II: With 400-odd signatures, still only Benjie (after I pointed out that he hadn't yet) and Elisa Facio from CU ethnic studies faculty have signed.

Could it be that department chair Albert "Although Professor Churchill has been the primary subject of scrutiny and of investigation, it is evident that he has not been the only person placed under the academic, bureaucratic and political microscope" Ramirez has told them to keep their yaps shut? To sacrifice Churchill for the good of the Kollective? Could be.

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