Friday, August 17, 2007

At odds with society

Speaking at a convocation of system administration employees Monday, outgoing CU president Hank Brown aimed a jab at faculty who recommended Ward Churchill be retained, according to the Silver & Gold Record:
"A key employee who continues to lie and plagiarize in major ways impacts the reputation of the institution," Brown said. He noted that a majority of faculty who reviewed Churchill's work and case had recommended that he should have been retained, which Brown said is "at odds with society.... [These] faculty were thinking about their rights and privileges."
CU faculty thinking only of themselves? Say it ain't so, Hank.

More Chutch:

The Rocky's Vincent Carroll gets a shot of his own in while discussing a completely different topic:

Take David Lane, an attorney best known for his defense of Ward Churchill but who has championed real civil liberties
cases, too. . . .

Update: In his speech Brown also noted that
During the past year, public confidence in the University has increased . . . as demonstrated by the fundraising success of the CU Foundation. The Foundation's numbers are almost 50 percent higher this year than the previous best year, which Brown said shows a "test of public confidence.... It reflects a focus on doing things right."
Or something.

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