Tuesday, June 26, 2007


As PB might say, hardly OT:
Most students at the University of Colorado's Boulder campus are likely to see a 14.6 percent tuition increase in the fall, and engineering students will take a 21.7 percent jolt.

Those increases are included in a resolution that will go before the CU regents at their meeting Thursday.
But it's not as bad as it sounds:
The numbers are softened for about 40 percent of students who are considered financially needy. Their increase is capped at 5 percent, and some of the increase paid by other students will be used to provide financial aid.
I like this paragraph:
CU promised to cap nonresident tuition to stem the flight of out-of-state students during the 2002-03 school year, when the school was embroiled in scandals. That promise does not apply to nonresidents entering this fall. Tuition for them goes up by $1,130.
Now that they've cleared up all those scandals . . .

Update: Welcome to the new, improved CU tuition (now with 14.6 percent more cost!). Seriously, I guess we shouldn't begrudge the increase--how else can CU pay to keep world-class scholars like Ward Churchill and Tom Mayer?

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