Thursday, June 07, 2007

Belles lettres

the CU Silver and Gold Record prints several LTTEs about the Churchill case, including the threadbare missive from Benjie Whitmer (in "sane" mode) that practically every other newspaper in Colorado has already printed.

An anti-Chutcher begins his letter, titled "Charges against investigative group disgust me," like this:

The ever-evolving complexity of the Churchill drama continues to fascinate me in a distant and morbid sort of way.
Gee, what I wouldn't give to feel distant and morbid about the case.

Academic advisor and Churchillpalooza organizer Ken Bonetti ends his letter:
Unfortunately for the deluded, Cornell University expert Eric Cheyfitz showed the official report to be a fabrication, itself a fine example of research misconduct. Several CU faculty and others have since filed charges against the committee that wrote the report. The CU administration will likely weasel out of hearing those charges, but the Cheyfitz piece will be valuable evidence in the court action that is sure to follow if Churchill is dismissed.
Valuable? Sure, Ken. Finally, associate professor of communication studies (at the University of Texas) Dana L. Cloud never rises above her opening:
CU President Hank Brown's decision to dismiss Ward Churchill is a blow against academic freedom redolent of McCarthyism.

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