Thursday, June 14, 2007


Barbershop quartets to invade Denver--including one named Stormfront, er, Storm Front.

Other local briefolos:

  • Danver and Blouder do well in another of those stupid city livability rankings magazines love to run. This one is from, which ranks the area number 2 (so to speak) in livability for "singles." Their paragraphal paean begins: "Denver will always be a mecca for skiers, but there's plenty to do in all seasons: listen to Jazz in City Park with the Rockies as a backdrop . . . . "

    Unfortunately, an article in the same edition of the News notes that:

    Denver resident Dana Alexander has crossed the City Park Jazz series off his family’s calendar this year. . . .

    During the first two weekends this month, gang activity tarnished the popular jazz series, a normally peaceful and family-friendly event.
  • Only in Colorado:

    Colorado's anti-abortion movement is in turmoil after Colorado Right to Life was dumped by its national organization Wednesday, in large part for attacking Focus on the Family founder James Dobson.

    The booting of the organization, which was founded in the early 1970s - several years before National Right to Life - signals a deep philosophical rift in the movement. It's between those who believe abortion must be stopped all at once, which is the hard-line approach of Colorado Right to Life, and those who believe abortion will be overcome by making incremental changes in public beliefs and laws.

    They attacked Dobson for praising the Supreme Court's upholding of a ban on partial-birth abortion.

  • Study in worldviews: the News: "Fewer homeless on Denver streets"; the Post: "First-time homeless rise sharply."

  • Perv ex-judge:
    The laptop computer that former District Judge Larry Manzanares is charged with stealing contains the baffling contradictions that surround his fall from the city's power elite: jury instructions and legal documents stored along with numerous pornographic images and videos.
  • World's oldest pilot:
    When Cole Kugel was born, the Wright brothers were more than a year away from completing their historic first flight. Still, Kugel managed to squeeze in 78 years of flying before he died Monday at his Longmont home.

    Living 105 years gave Kugel plenty of time to pursue his passion for aviation, eventually landing him in the Guinness World Records book in 2001 with the title of oldest plane pilot. He was 99 at the time.
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