Thursday, June 21, 2007

Truthforce untruths noted

Commenter Noj at PB dismantles, if that's not too weak a word, "Truthforce" Saito's Counterpunch piece:
Lie #1: Nancy states that CU is firing Churchill for "improper footnoting or author attribution." No, they are firing him for multiple counts of plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification.

Lie #2: Nancy states that CU found against Churchill because he "failed to provide sufficient evidence that in the 1837 smallpox epidemic...(a) infected blankets were obtained from an infirmary." No, he is charged with fabricating the existence of smallpox blankets taken from a military infirmary in St. Louis. It's not a matter of "sufficient evidence." Churchill has yet to provide any evidence at all, for any part of this claim. In fact, he has since abandoned this claim. His new defense is that the fur company-owned steamboat was a floating infirmary. His original claim about the military infirmary in St. Louis has flown out the window, given that he has no evidence at all for this fabrication.
And on and on, ten little lies all in a row. S'wonderful.

Update: PB also links to the blog of one Crotchety Old Bastard, who notes an e-mail from Ward responding to COB's mockery of his tales of derring-do in Vietnam. It's great stuff, but I want to focus on Ward's language for a moment. Here's part of his e-mail:

From: "Ward L Churchill" To: "Frankie Caryl"

Monday, June 04, 2007 11:56 PM

Subject: Re: Oxygen thief
A combat jump with the 101st? Yeah, right... Reckon you must be a WW II vet, eh? Funny thing, tho, y'seem to have gotten the years wrong by a couple of decades. And that truly IS verifiable, dipshit.
Yeah, right... . . . Reckon . . . y'seem . . . dipshit.

The false laconicness, the hayseed contractions, the purposely casual vulgarity. Remind anyone of the comedy stylings of a security guard we all know, name of Charley? Yeah, me too. No biggie, just another brick in the wall.

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