Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Scuttlebutt Update"

That's the title of MIM's latest communiqué on the Ward Churchill case. It's (bet you'd never guess) both vague and crazy:

Some of what we were hearing about Colorado seemed too improbable. We have now accepted that anything is possible when it comes to Colorado.

We may have contributed to certain misconceptions that the FBI is still trying to take advantage of. Let's be clear that we know that FBI needs space to make its jokes. We're not impressed with those jokes anymore. Maybe even FBI begins to suspect that things are little more knotty than that.

I love how Security Minister (for it must be he) liquidates the definite article before "FBI." It's so KGB.

While we are on the subject, we did not take "DIE X!" as a joke in 2005. We cannot help wondering if a certain one or two maximum donors to the Bush campaign in 2004 thought they got their money's worth with that. We actually intend to canvass opinion with that question, not just make a sarcastic point. We honestly do not know the answer. We could be far off.
Far off? Not you, Security Minister! But Security Minister is always pragmatic:
It's been rightly pointed out that we are beyond the point where an assassination of a MIM leader would matter. The party heirlooms are spread around too much for that to matter. MIM is gladdened to see wider circles start to chew on the same problems.
The party heirlooms. Those anything like the family jewels? And wouldn't "The Family Jewels" make a great band name? Maybe not.

(h/t der Schnapple)

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