Friday, June 29, 2007

Complaints Dept.

I make 'em, I don't take 'em.

So here's one: when did "Without Borders" become the required nom de moniker for every liberal organization in existence?

There's Doctors Without Borders, Teachers Without Borders; Builders Without Borders ("an international network of ecological builders working together to help ensure a sustainable future"); Mothers Without Borders (solving the "global orphan crisis"); and of course, Reporters Without Borders ("[RWB] is launching a new international campaign, "Beijing 2008," to draw attention to the cynicism of the Chinese government's refusal to allow greater freedom of expression and release the approximately 100 journalists and cyber-dissidents it is holding" [good cause, shitty sentence].

The Rocky has a big story today on Engineers Without Borders and their good works in Nepal. There's Words Without Borders ("Working to promote international communication through translation of the world's best writing"); Grantmakers Without Borders ("a network of trustees and staff of public and private foundations as well as individual donors who practice global social change philanthropy"; and even (please just kill me) Lawyers Without Borders ("working toward a more litigious Mother Earth").

Want more? No? Tough! There's Friends Without Borders; Chemists Without Borders; Bears Without Borders; Wrestlers Without Borders; Diplomats Without Borders (redundancy alert); and Geeks Without Borders (no borders, but you still can't get them out of their moms' basements).

Then there are the scary ones like Sociologists Without Borders, MBAs Without Borders and Librarians Without Borders ("a group of socially-minded librarians who wanted to address the vast information resource inequity existing between different regions of the world. Our vision is to build sustainable libraries and support their custodians and advocates -- librarians").

Sustainable libraries. Believe I've already begged to be killed, so, just a reminder.

Finally, what list of borderless orgs would be complete without the strangely logical-sounding Nihilists Without Borders, or the organization so vile, so perverse, so disgusting in its leering evil that I fear to say its name.

But I will: Clowns Without Borders ("'no child without a smile'").

They'll be coming for me.

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