Monday, June 11, 2007

Churchill to request hearing before CU regents

Der Post:
University of Colorado ethnic-studies professor Ward Churchill will formally request a hearing before the Board of Regents in response to college president Hank Brown's letter last week recommending his dismissal for academic misconduct, his attorney said today.

Attorney David Lane said Churchill has 20 days to respond in writing with a request for a private hearing. After that hearing, unless the regents choose to reinstate Churchill and forgo all forms of discipline, Lane said, Churchill will sue the university in federal court for violating his rights to free speech.
That's 20 (business) days after the 15 days the Privilege and Tenure Committee has to respond to Hank's letter, which I believe runs out at the end of this week. That pushes everything into late July, and with having to schedule the hearing, probably into August and, quite possibly, the new school year. Sheet.

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