Thursday, June 21, 2007

P & T panel makes no response to CU prez Brown's recommendation to fire Churchill

The Silver & Gold Record:

Ward Churchill of UCB ethnic studies has requested a private hearing with the Board of Regents regarding the recommendation that he be dismissed, according to his attorney, David Lane [we knew that]. Lane told S&GR that the hearing has not yet been scheduled. He also said the Privilege and Tenure Committee dismissal panel did not issue a response to President Hank Brown's recommendation that Churchill be dismissed.

Prior to Brown's recommendation, that panel had agreed that there are grounds to dismiss Churchill, although three of the five members recommended suspension and demotion in lieu of dismissal, according to the panel's report. In addition to the right to request a hearing with the board, under regent policy, Churchill may respond in writing to the dismissal recommendation within 20 business days of being notified of that recommendation. Any action the regents take regarding the recommended dismissal must be done in public.
Update: The hearing hasn't even been scheduled, which means we're into 2008 before CU finally sacks Churchill. (Kidding, but only a teeny-tiny bit.)

Update II: Specutating here, but isn't the P&T panel signalling its acquiesence to Churchill's firing with this inaction? In the wimpiest possible fashion, of course, but they could have protested and didn't. Then again, maybe they did, and ACTA thug H. "Rap" Brown chilled their free speech. Wonder how the Dune Buggy Attack Battalion will react to this news? Actually I don't wonder at all: with their usual venom.

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