Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Move along, no plagiarism here

Pint-sized commie ratbag and CU sociology professor Tom Mayer attempts to refute the Churchill committee's findings of plagiarism against Wardo. Just more of the same old octopus ink, but some good quotes:

  • Mayer says Churchill is being persecuted for a "lack of mandatory patriotism."

  • In what might be called the negative argument from footnote volume, Mayer notes that the committee's report "cites about a dozen footnotes (out of well over 10,000 in Professor Churchill's collected works) in which Churchill references articles he has ghost written." Gee, only a dozen? Man, we went all McCarthyite over nothing.

  • Anotha', motha' (or, if you prefer, anothra, Mothra):
    Besides being an academic scholar [what other kind is there?] Ward Churchill is also a public intellectual--arguably the most renowned public intellectual on the CU faculty--
    He's right. Savor that for a moment.
    --and a key participant in the American Indian Movement [the tiny Colorado American Indian Movement, of course; national AIM hates his guts].
  • And Mayer's conclusion:

  • A just monetary compensation for Ward Churchill would be very expensive indeed. The damage to freedom of thought may be irreparable in the near future.

    Note how the idealistic Tiny Trot mentions money first.

    (via PB and the lonesome fistulas at the Ward Churchill Solidarity Network)

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