Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Night at the Radio!

Another Suspense. Tonight, "The Pit and the Pendulum" (1-12-43). Very nice job, with Henry Hull as Pit Boy. One nasty skip of several seconds seven or eight minutes in.

And how about another episode of the best hard-boiled simile-slinger around: Pat Novak: For Hire, with Jack Webb. This one's called "Ruben Callaway's Pictures" (3-13-49).

Hellman (Novak's cop enemy): One guy's dead on Pier 19, another up here in your apartment. You're mixed up, Novak, there's a connection. I'll shop around till I strike it.

Novak: You couldn't strike oil in a filling station. You got a double murder. Shop for a pair of people.

Hellman: I'll shop far enough to get you, big shot! Far enough to see you fry!

Novak: Well, you got the lard for it, Hellman.

(smacking sounds)

Hellman: If you keep your mouth shut now you can hold the blood in!

I don't know why they both like shopping so much.

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