Friday, June 01, 2007

Extremely Late Weird Bird Friday

Fooled you!

It's not a weird bird at all! It's David Niven! I mean, David Irving!

Drunkie's first bleg: I have a song I want to link to especially for the Ward Churchill/Transform Columbus Day Axis. I've uploaded it with several different free services, but the closest I've come is being able to link to a page that has another link that goes to the tune in my iTunes library. That can't be right. I just want a link that goes to the song where it's (supposedly) stored on the server.

Actually, since there's a magnificent performance of this song in an old movie, what I'd really like to do is upload the scene to YouTube. I have the DVD, and I found at least one upload program (Handlebar, I think it's called?), but it started throwing up words like "codec" and eventually I got a message saying my computer couldn't "handle" it. This tune is so appropriate (though silly) that I'm willing to learn something computeresque to post it.

Update: Yes, I posted this one, the D-a-W being on a trip down to the west Texas town of Yer Asshole, as we used to say.

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