Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday Night at the Radio

No more World War II shows for a while, unless I feel like it. So here's a Suspense: "Lazarus Walks" (Halloween, 1946). Kind of a dumb story, but the premise is interesting: a guy who was dead for four minutes finds he knows, just by touching people, the truth behind the lies they tell. Hmmm. Sounds familiar.

And how about one from Jack Webb's hilariously hard-boiled San Francisco dick, Pat Novak: For Hire. This one's called "Joe Candono" (3-27-49). Novak, on reluctantly becoming involved in a murder investigation: "I use my brain like medicine: a small dose every three hours." Note again the very young Raymond Burr as Novak's police nemesis, Hellman.

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