Sunday, June 17, 2007

Comedy tonight

PB has the lowdown on Channel 9's interview with Ward Churchill this evening. Good thing, because I completely (as opposed to partially) forgot about it. Same old, same old, I guess, but live. Here's 9's video.

Okay, I've seen it. A few slobservations:

Ward was expressionless as always, but kept gulping for air.

David Lane sure likes to invoke the First Amendment a lot to defend a man who explicitly denies First Amendment protection to others.

Humoresque as well is Churchill's invocation of "Enlightenment principles" to defend himself. Ask him in another venue and he'll tell you those same principles are the cause of all the evil in the world.

Lane tries (and for all I know succeeds at) intimidating CU by saying his "best guess" is that the suit will take "one to two years." And you know what vets say: a "Churchill year" is equal to six human years.

The ten or 12 of the "slew" of questions from viewers that made it to air were all but uniformily hostile to Ward (one asked a setup question about whether Ward considered himself a "scapegoat"). What does this mean?

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