Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday Night at the Radio!

In between the Fatima cigarette commercials is an episode of Dragnet. This one's called "The Mother-In-Law Murder" (11 June, 1949). Jack Webb really took chances. Listen at the beginning as his character, Friday, places a long-distance call from "Los Angle-iss" to Idaho. It takes a minute and 40 seconds, and we hear every beep, boop, and stray operator comment as the call sniffs its way cross-country. Webb was crazed for realism in the sound effects on his show. John Dunning:
When the cops walked up the steps at headquarters, listeners heard exactly the number of steps between floors in the real police building. When Webb picked up a crime report and read off the description of a suspect, the listener heard him turn a page first, because descriptions were always on the second page of real reports.
So that's likely what it took to make a long-distance call in 1949.

And Vic and Sade, one of the few episodes that has more than the original four characters. In this one Chuck and Dottie Brainfeeble are staying with the Gooks. "Chuck and Dottie Wash the Dishes" (10 October, 1943).

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