Monday, June 18, 2007

Culture of corruption

Fine, fine:

Denver prosecutors are reviewing an audit that revealed a high-ranking official at the University of Colorado at Denver misappropriated $268,250, school officials and the district attorney's office said today.

Specifically, auditors at the school focused on four international trips that Donald Stevens claimed he took on behalf of the university.

Stevens is married to Gail Schoettler, Colorado's former lieutenant governor and former state treasurer.

The auditors concluded that Stevens, who recently retired as managing director of the school's Institute for International Business, spent most of his time on his own and only briefly went to the seminars he claimed he was attending.

On a couple of occasions, he traveled to countries not even on his trip itinerary, the auditors said.
Oddly, though the Post's story notes that Schoettler is a "former lieutenant governor and former state treasurer," it neglects to mention that she is also a very current columnist for the Post.

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