Wednesday, January 02, 2008

MIMitation of Life

Even though they announced the shutdown of their website in November, the Maoist Internationalist Movement just won't go away. Security Minister Darryl keeps posting "scuttlebutt updates" full of mea cul--er, self-criticism of MIM's failings:

This cell makes self-criticism for the slow pace of work in the waning months of 2007. Both political struggle and study fell behind the level where they should have been. We will try to "turn a weakness into strength" by utilizing our mistakes the best way possible.

We have come under criticism under the pseudonym "Bill." None of these criticisms are baseless, but none are completely thorough either. . . .

There may come a day when MIM can make a full public accounting of its serious errors and collect input. It is not here yet. We apologize especially to those expecting more from us.

Apology accepted. Now get out of here, ya knucklehead.

(h/t Snapple)

Update: MIM for some reason also has a review of Osama Bin Laden's Messages to the World from a few years ago, and guess what? MIM and Osama are just like that on matters of "political economy." As the headline says, "Read for yourself," but here's the conclusion:
We would suggest that readers pay for this book in cash and be careful. Someone recently received a prison sentence of 25 years in November just for saying to an undercover agent he would give karate lessons to Al Qaeda. (2) People at major research universities or having other access on the Internet may also try to read the CIA-originated FBIS extracts of Al Qaeda writings internationally.

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