Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Protest industry

Got looking at some of the other events (besides the Lynne Stewart rally noted in the post below) on the New York Protest Calendar. Denver's such a cowtown:

There's a non-violence discussion and strategy session on the 13th hosted by the Socialist Party USA ("Please no mindless line-pushing or dogmatic formulas"--jeez, why bother showing up?);

The Combatants for Peace Tour makes a stop at Mark's Church on the 16th:

On January 16, 2007, 3 Palestinian girls were walking home from school in Anata, East Jerusalem. An Israeli Border Police jeep drove through the school zone firing rubber bullets. Abir [Aramin] was wounded and died 3 days later. She was 10 years old.

Actually, an autopsy found that Abir's injuries were inconsistent with being struck by a rubber bullet. Whatever:

Combatants for Peace are former Israeli and Palestinian fighters who no longer see each other as as enemies. They advocate together for an end to the Occupation. Abir’s father, Bassam Aramin was a Fatah fighter and served 7 years in an Israeli prison. He is now head of the Al Quds Association for Democracy and Dialogue.

Yeah. CAMERA has much more on the case;

Besides the rally for Lynne Stewart, the 28th is also the start of a four-day intensive on "Black Resistance History":

We will cover the centrality of Black resistance to slavery, Jim Crow and post-Jim Crowism. The intensive will not just focus on the struggles of North American enslaved Africans, but will also show the ways that the global nature of capitalism from its inception has meant that our fights to be free were/are global at their very roots.

Finally, for you lovers there's a Valentine's Weekend (it's a weekend now?) anti-fur rally at Bergdorf's February 9th ("Have a Heart-Don't Buy Fur!").

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