Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A comment from Glenn Spagnuolo

The Recreate68! leader and hardcore Little Churchill responded to yesterday's post on R68's upcoming meeting at the Iliff School of Theology to plot strategy (On Ruckus!) and tactics (Now, SDS!) for disrupting (On! Unconventional Action!) the Democratic National Convention this summer. The entire message (all sic, natch):
hey asshole, nice comments on last years meeting that took place at Illif. Get some updated info.
Glenn is referring to this post, in which I noted the then-upcoming Columbus Day "Truth Commission" hearings, also at the Iliff School and sponsored by Transform Columbus Day, the other simp-rad organization for which Glenn (along with freshly convicted pal Glenn Morris) has played a leading role.

While I'd be happy to post any "updated info" on the commission that's out there, the truth is, there isn't any. The last word, it seems, was Workers World's deluded yet boring account (how do you commies do it?) published a week after the event and to which I dully, er, duly, linked. Remember that, Glenn?
The Truth Commission, just like the International Tribunal on Hurricanes Katrina/Rita, provided the true history of people. As the struggle to stop imperialist wars abroad and the war against the oppressed and workers in the U.S. intensifies, this truth becomes increasingly more important and provides the history that will inundate the lies of the oppressors.
Mm-hm. But that's pretty much all that's out there, update-wise. Which is funny because at the time Glenn's (that is, TCD's) press release said that the Truth Commission's report ("along with audio and video documentation") would be provided to "educators, students, and political, religious and community leaders" on request. That was almost four months ago, but it's still, as far as I can tell, unavailable. It's not even mentioned at TCD or AIM. Post that report, Glenn (along with its accompanying audio and video documentation, of course), and I'll update the hell out of it.

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