Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Authors interviewed

American Indian Mafia authors Joe and John Trimbach were interviewed by some Limey gink named Cliff Roles the other day on his Sarasota radio show. They do a sort of father-and-son brother act, and quite well, too. (Roles, unfortunately, is a halfwit, but, duh, I already said he had a radio show.)

(via Snapple, of course, to whom the Trimbachs are GODS, and who alleges she'll have all the interesting facts and figures from the interview later.)

Update: Joe Trimbach: "We've received very few negative comments [about the book], and they've been from the bloggers who, no matter what we said or did, they weren't going to like us."

Hmmpf. Somebody's got to tell them about Snapple.

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