Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Bootgate? Kneegate? Footgate? Anyway, a "special" committee has been appointed to investigate state Rep. Doug Bruce's florsheiming (I'm really trying here) of a Rocky photographer yesterday:
House Speaker Andrew Romanoff and House Minority Leader Mike May this morning announced the creation of a special committee to investigate Rep. Doug Bruce's kicking of a Rocky Mountain News photographer on Monday.

Bruce this morning called his swift kick more of a "nudge or a tap" but said the House leaders are "entitled to have any committee about any incident that they want." . . .
Note the blurred blucher in the Rocky pic of Bruce's reenactment of the foul assault. Slow shutter speed. He's probably lucky they didn't photoshop some cartoon speed lines in.

Romanoff said he thinks the committee can ask for subpoena power, but that he would look into the matter further. . . .

Oh, boy! Subpoena power! But they promise to use it only for good:

May emphasized the committee will be investigating Bruce's behavior exclusively. "We're not here to examine the press," he said.

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