Thursday, January 24, 2008

Columnist: Columbus Day protesters made my child afraid of Indians

It was the drums. And the blood. The Independence Institute's Jessica Peck Corry on the conviction of the three Columbus Day protesters, and how the protest traumatized her two-year-old daughter:

[A]s this week’s verdict demonstrates, the public is growing tired of this annual battle. By continuing on, Lane and his radical clients have done nothing to help their cause, especially in my household, where my two-year-old daughter is now deeply afraid of American Indians.

Her fear is not the result of some bigoted Hollywood movie production. Rather, it’s because of the radical activists themselves. On a morning walk with my husband not far from our home in downtown Denver on the day of the last parade, my daughter heard the sound of drums and wanted a closer look. As she leaned forward in her stroller, protestors jumped out in front of her, splashing their “blood” onto the street.

Nearly four months later, she still talks about the event. Every time she hears the sound of a drum, she says “boom, boom, boom. Indians scare me, Mommy.”

Racists are made, not born, he said as if he actually knew this for a fact. Corry somewhat awkwardly transitions:
I’m scared too, but for a different reason. I’m worried about what will happen to my country if our legal system allows the logic of those like Lane, Churchill and Morris to prevail.
In fact our legal system has allowed the logic of those like Lane, Churchill and Morris to prevail for years. This conviction is a first, and Corry should be heartened by it. As for her child, it's just unfortunate that being frightened by Columbus Day protesters is a key indicator--along with animal torture and bedwetting--of a future serial killer.

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