Sunday, January 27, 2008

MIM will be so jealous

The Boston Globe has an amusing piece on the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Bob "Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party" Avakian:
IT WAS HARD to miss, splashed recently across a full page of The New York Review of Books: an advertisement featuring the boldface words, "Dangerous times demand courageous voices. Bob Avakian is such a voice."

Wrapped around those words, Talmud-page-style, were, to the left, a short essay about the importance of Avakian's "compelling approach to Marxism" and, to the right, a list of dozens of signatories, including academic superstars like Cornel West, performers like Rickie Lee Jones and Chuck D., and activists like Cindy Sheehan.
World-historical genius Ward Churchill signed as well (as an "independent scholar"):
No one was more certain of Avakian's silencing than Churchill, the former University of Colorado professor who was much attacked for writing in 2001 that "the little Eichmanns" in the World Trade Center were not innocent in their own deaths. I wrote an e-mail to Churchill, who signed the Avakian ad, suggesting that nobody was conspiring to deprive Avakian of the right to speak. He replied, in part, "I mean, you can't possibly be that naive, can you?"
Bet he asked the guy if he could tie his own shoes, too. Ward doesn't have much of a repertoire.

Coincidentally (maybe), the Maoist Internationalist Movement was giving the RCP hell over Ward just the other day:
The Really Chauvinist Party zombies still have not answered up on their role in derailing pro-Ward Churchill rallies. Specifically MIM has already hammered them on their white nationalist lynchmob ideology that they spread to the National Lawyers Guild in a locale that was building Ward Churchill rallies.

First of all, as a matter of method, whether or not there was a rape rumor, there was nothing correct about raising it in connection to supporting a Ward Churchill rally. Already at that level the Really Chauvinist Party zombies and their friends stand exposed, including the two-faced ones who said they'd at least show up for the rally but did not. White people unreasoning stands exposed, the true nature of the Really Chauvinist Party.

I have several questions. No, just one: Rape rumor? Of course, Security Minister is using his cryptic communication abilities, so that's basically it. Maybe Wart or his dog Benjie will explain.

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