Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Cindy's demographic

Cindy Sheehan's Rose Bowl Manifesto is the usual disgusting lunacy, coupled this time with the "White Rose Coalition's" involuntary-72-hour-hold-worthy self-aggrandizement in likening themselves to the students beheaded by the Nazis for speaking (to coin a phrase) truth to power. (That's the first time I've ever used those words seriously. It still sounds bogus.) Read it yourself if you need a purgative. Meanwhile, here are a couple of comments on the post:

There is a very interesting film I saw the other night. The first half hour or so is fascinating about the different incarnations of a lot of religions based on astrology. The rest is about the history of the US financial system and federal reserve and the need to keep war going for those that lend us their money. I finally "get" what a few people have tried to tell me over the last couple of years. A bit on Prescott Bush and the Nazis in there. Going to watch again, because there was a lot of information to soak in....

No doubt. And:

This is very harsh, but still it [Bush = Hitler] is the truth and we must face up to the truth, as difficult as it may be and then the truth must be rightfully acted upon - this is what constitutes moral behavior.

The truth is that that the only difference between the Bush administration and the Nazis is that Bush did not load up the Iraqis in railroad cars, transport them to a remote area and then kill them. George and his minions killed them in their homes, villages, and cities. Over one million killed, millions displaced, the entire physical and social infrastructure destroyed - this is genocide folks - WAKE THE HELL UP!
(via Michelle Malkin)

Update: "People before Politics" [quotes "sic"] Support Cindy for Congress!

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