Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Critics: Denver not cowtown

Speaking of which, if you haven't been yet (Denver residents: it's the law), this is the last week of the National Western Stock Show!

Social notes: The reclusive "Mr. B." visited the Drunkablog fambly from Somewhere Else this weekend. Everybody is safe. Yesterday walking around downtown we noticed the Sloane Gallery of Contemporary Russian Art:

Molotov ("Mr. B.").

Washington holding the heads of Hitler and Stalin.

Detail: Stalin's head ("Mr. B.").

Neo-realist rendering of The Father of Our Country.

Update: nature-type pics also taken this weekend:

Downy Woodpecker ("Mr. B.", but I cropped the hell out of it so you could see the little bastard).

Platte River just below Confluence Park ("Mr. B.").

Mule deer (the D-a-W).

Update II: Mmmmm, a palace of beef.

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