Thursday, January 31, 2008

No, not "Editorial writing made easy"

Former Rocky Mountain News editorial writer Thom Beal, fired for plagiarism (though editor John Temple never called it that) in 2005, is teaching a journalism course at the University of Denver:
INTS 4558 Mass Media & International Affairs Instructor: Thomas Beal Methodology/Skills This course examines the interaction between politics, conflict and media, and explores the impact of media communications in its relationship to the international system and interaction with foreign policy. . . . The course's emphasis is on media in practice and the harsh realities of the conduct of politics and news reporting in the information age. (5 credits hrs)
At least it's not media ethics.

Speaking of DUh journalism, Romanesko (yes, the Romanesko) had this today:
The photo editor of University of Denver's Clarion says his adviser thought the sky was too white in a photo and that "I should have colored the sky blue in Photoshop so that it looked better." Justin Edmonds refused to do it. "She then told me that if I didn't do what she asked to make the pictures better then she would find someone else who could." Dozens of readers have commented on Edmond's post. Here's the second batch of reader reactions.
(both sad stories from "a weird bird")

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