Monday, January 14, 2008

Must have caught his bad side

Doug Bruce kicked a Rocky Mountain News photographer today during the Colorado House's morning prayer, and then was sworn in as the august body's newest representative:
The swearing-in to a near-empty chamber just after 1:30 p.m. followed a wild morning during which Bruce had kicked a Rocky photographer during the House morning prayer and later faced a 22-1 vote by the Republican Caucus to push for replacement of the appointed representative if he didn't take the oath by day's
He's always been kind of ornery, as his surprisingly detailed wiki makes clear. Back to the kick:
Earlier in the morning, the Colorado Springs Republican tried to make light of the gaggle of reporters and photographers following him around this morning.

But his patience snapped as photographers from the Rocky and Denver Post crouched before him to shoot his picture as he stood for the House's morning prayer.

Bruce told Rocky photographer Javier Manzano "Don't do that again," and then gave him a swift kick in the knee.
There's tape (which doesn't show the kick), and the picture Manzano took which provoked the punt.

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