Thursday, January 10, 2008

Illogical dissent

Republican former state senate majority leader Mark Hillman on the election of Democrat Peter Groff as the first black president of the Colorado senate:
For three years, Groff and I served together in the Colorado Senate. We stand on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but his integrity, his well-considered principles and his unapologetic advocacy of those principles set him apart from even many of the most respected legislators.
He cast the lone vote against a resolution condemning Ward Churchill's hate-filled remarks about 9/11 - not based on the substance of Churchill's insipid comments but based on the principle that he had a right to say it.
"I understand what you're saying, and in a way I agree with you," he said in debate. "But we have to stand up for freedom. (Churchill) has the right to shout his ignorance and his arrogance."
Can't find the resolution, but I doubt it said anything about curtailing his right to shout his ignorance and arrogance. Despite Hillman's admiration for his principles, Groff's misapprehension is not confidence-inspiring.

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