Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Press release from Outskirts Press for Joseph Trimbach's American Indian Mafia:

The Book the American Indian Movement Leadership Does Not Want You to Read

In this provocative narrative, a former FBI Agent chronicles the true legacy of the American Indian Movement (AIM), a small group of radicals who tore a path of destruction through the Pine Ridge Reservation on their way to personal gain, fame, and fortune. Part personal odyssey, part history, American Indian Mafia tells the real story of AIM's armed assault on Wounded Knee village in 1973, where FBI Agents, BIA Agents, and U.S. Marshals demonstrated perpetual patience and restraint in the face of nightly gun attacks. Mafia explains how never-ending negotiations led to the village's complete destruction, and how secret murders behind the barriers and the failure to hold the AIM leadership accountable led to a reign of terror on the reservation. Mafia assigns much of the blame to federal judges who advanced a political agenda at the expense of true justice. AIM instigators, such as Russell Means, were thus handed carte blanche to terrorize Pine Ridge Indians for years to come.

AIM violence on the reservation culminated in the 1975 cold-blooded murder of Special Agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams, the only FBI Agents ever to have been executed in the line of duty. Mafia exposes AIM member and convicted killer Leonard Peltier as the clear perpetrator and as a false hero who has fooled millions into believing in his innocence. Authors, actors, politicians, world leaders, investigative journalists, members of the clergy, and several professors of Indian Studies have all bought in to the Peltier ruse. Citing numerous examples of doctored history, Mafia fingers disgraced Professor Ward Churchill as being particularly guilty of creating and promoting falsified accounts of Pine Ridge, AIM, and the FBI. . . .
Do vanity presses often promote the books they print?

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