Monday, November 12, 2007

Thanks for the MIMories

Let me just blurt it before my tears short out the keyboard:

Security Minister, and the whole Maoist Internationalist Movement website, have been purged.

Purged! Typically for Maoists, Security Minister was also forced to self-denounce:
Security update
November 10 2007

Earlier in the week, we received word that our website would be shutdown. On November 7, Alexa also changed our categorizations for page rankings to be removed from political websites and changed to writing. Since last year we have given up readership share steadily by virtue of the topics we have intentionally chosen to update. MIM has had this web page over a decade.
As before, we inform readers to watch for "Security Minister, MIM," if a new website arises.
We will, Security Minister! We will!
MIM comrades are fine [thank God!]. Team Oppressed is doing well in the global struggle, glory to the Iraqi insurgents. Although Annapolis looks like a photo-op still, MIM is still pushing the two-state solution.
Glory to the Iraqi insurgents (what insurgents?), but a two-state solution. Unusual. As always, though, Security Minister has our safety in mind first and foremost:
Most readers will not want to get involved and they should consider their security, but if you believe our administrator is making an error in assessing the significance of this web page, you may complain to or offer to send money.
Offer made! No money forthcoming!

We are in the process of contacting a writer centrally affected by the dynamic of our time [update: I mean, he just died, didn't he? I'd call that being quite directly "affected by the dynamic of our time."]

There remains much work to be done on the web page just to organize what is already there. It requires index pages that we will be working on.

Security Minister, emotionless as always. So that's it. Goodbye, little MIM. What better epitaph can I offer but the famous tribute from one of your most fervent admirers: "T]he Maoist International Movement have used their weekly papers to advance some of the best analysis of my case and its implications yet published."

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