Thursday, January 24, 2008

Churchill's attorney wins settlement for Hell's Angels

Busy guy. The Post:
For the second time in five years, Denver police apologized to the Hells Angels motorcycle club for possibly violating the group's Constitutional rights.

In a settlement released Thursday, attorney David Lane said Denver and Mountain View police agreed to pay a total of $14,000 to the group, and apologize for a Sept. 2, 2005 traffic stop in Mountain View. . . .

Tain't the first time, neither:
In 2003, the city wrote a similar letter to the Hells Angels and paid $50,000 after a Denver police raid on the group's clubhouse.
Update: If I were Ward I'd be wondering how much time Lane could possibly be spending on my pro bono case. Now he's trying to subpoena the vice president. AP:

An attorney for a man arrested after telling the vice president that his policies in Iraq were "disgusting" asked U.S. marshals Thursday to force Dick Cheney to testify about the matter.

Steve Howards has said he lightly touched the vice president on the arm after making the comment at a mall in Beaver Creek, a resort town two hours west of Denver where Cheney was attending a conference in June 2006.

Attorney David Lane mentions in the papers a "shocking lack of consistency" among the defendants and witnesses as to what occurred.

"Mr. Cheney is clearly the best eyewitness to the events in question," Lane said in the motion to subpoena him.

Update II: "Lightly touched the vice president." It sounds so perverted.

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