Thursday, January 24, 2008

Means: "We own it"

PB links to an interview with the Chief Facilitator of the so-called (damn, I see why Wart uses that phrase so much. It simply trips from the tongue with a delightful tingle) Republic of Lakotah, Russell Means, who keeps claiming that the republic can place liens on all property transactions within their so-called (whee!) territory:
The power we have is based on U.S. law. The negotiation tool that we will use with the city, county and state governments is the power to put a lien on any and all real estate transactions in that five-state region. What that does is that it puts the burden of proof on the seller of the real estate.
Favorite line:
Our people are being exterminated, much like the African slaves were exterminated from their homeland and separated from their way of life.
Maybe he means exonerated.

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