Thursday, January 24, 2008

House censures Rep. Bruce for kicking photographer

The News says the vote was 62-1. Did Bruce vote on his own censure?

Update: El Presidente has more. No, he didn't. Hard to believe, though, that this was the first censure in the 131-year history of the Colorado legislature. Well, they're pretty easygoing over there.

Update II: Outrage: They censured Bruce even after he compared himself to Jimmy Stewart in Mistuh Kurtz Goes to Washington:

Rep. Douglas Bruce’s efforts to cast himself as a victim hounded by the press, including invoking the image of movie legend Jimmy Stewart, didn’t spare him the first censure in the legislature’s 131-year history.

“This resolution is the real overreaction to the nudge of an unruly photographer who broke his promise that he would not interrupt my participation in the prayer,” Bruce said.
But at least he acknowledged his error:
“I made a mistake,” Bruce said. “I trusted a journalist and I won’t do that again.”

Bruce compared himself to Stewart in the 1939 film about a crusader who became a member of Congress, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

Mr. Smith “is set up and provoked by the press even before being sworn in,” recounted Bruce, who himself was only sworn in two hours after booting Manzano.

Mr. Smith “responds by punching several reporters,” Bruce said contrasting that response to his mere “poke” to Manzano’s knee. . . .

Rep. Al White, R-Hayden, rejected his Republican colleague’s cinematic comparison.

“Rep. Bruce, you’re not James Stewart and this is not a 1939 movie,” White said. “This is today. . . .

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