Monday, January 07, 2008

Briefs stolen from reputable blogger

PB notes an e-mail to National Post columnist Marnie Soupcoff from Native Voice co-publisher Lise King, on Russell Means' declaration of Lakota independence:

Hi Marni,

We are the publishers of The Native Voice newspaper, the only national Native American independent newspaper, and we are Lakota-owned and operated.

Mr. Means and company are representing their own agenda and a handful of people. They do not represent the "Lakota" -- in spirit, in philosophy or in reality.

They have created an international sensation with their "declaration," but it holds no legitimacy. One would expect a newspaper to only report such things once the claims had been corroborated. Any country with a standing government and diplomatic relations that had a group like Mr. Means and company make such claims would be investigated prior to going to press. One must wonder why such due diligence is not being followed with this story. An interesting comment in itself on the press' relationship with Native America.
Yes, yes it is. PB quotes the whole note. The perky pirate also reports that Ward Churchill will be interviewed Wednesday at 5 p.m. on University of Winnipeg campus station CKUW's (95.5 FM) show, Black Mask: The Frequency of Resistance.

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