Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whitmer explains deletion of post alleging "beatdown" of Columbus Day protesters

Yeah, I'm overdoing it pretending CU ethnic studies instructor Benjamin Whitmer has any credibility to lose, but he finally explained his removal of that post:
I’ll post what I want to post, and I’ll remove what I want to remove. I’ll explain what I want to explain. It’s a fucking blog.
Oh. Well, then. Carry on. But Benjie isn't through. He taunts me with horrible tauntery:
Feel free to be as outraged as you wanna be. Scream, yell, pull your hair out, chew on the couch, break down in tears.
My style is more mocking laughter followed by relentless exposure, Benjie, but in principle I agree with you.

So there it is, the way of truth at the Try-Works blog: post outrageous and false accusations, remove same without notice or explanation, arrogantly refuse to defend your actions.

Did I mention that Benjie's an instructor at CU?

Oh, and in case Churchill's lying little dog has forgotten what he wrote in the "beatdown" post, here it is:
Everyone’s out of jail. I just spoke to one of the American Indian men who participated in the final protest. When they locked down, the police rushed in and immediately started a beat-down. One of the female pigs grabbed him by the testicles and started yanking on him. Another got him by his braid, cranked it up in his fist, and was jerking his head around. Then they laid into them [sic] with their nightsticks, destroying [sic] one of the men’s faces. When they were arrested, the pigs ground the cuffs on and left them cuffed in the holding cells; their hands were swollen and turning purple by the time they were released. It was a fucking bloodbath [sic], but they’re all out of jail at least.
Update: Luckily, old Indian icon Russell Means was spared during what observers (well, me) are calling a new Wounded Knee, but he still plans to sue for his Guantanamo-like mistreatment:
"My lawsuit is going to be on torture," said longtime activist Russell Means. He said police put him in a cell with a buzzing fluorescent light.

"I tell you, it drives you batty," Means said.

He also charges police misplaced his heart medication for several hours.
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