Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Churchill anti-semitism watch

Meryl Yourish notes a University of California at Davis student's comment on the anti-semitism endemic at the school, the latest example being the invitation to Ward Churchill to speak there next month on "Zionism, Manifest Destiny, and Nazi Lebensraumpolitik":

I am a UC Davis student and have been doing some research into the strong anti-semitic problem at this campus.

In 2001 the UC Davis Hillel was SET ON FIRE. There is a history of strong anti-semitic and/or anti-zionist speakers coming to the UC Davis campus.

However the upcoming speaker being brought by “Students for Justice and Peace” takes the cake: Ward Churchill.

There’s no fighting this. The UC system statewide has this problem. Look up Irvine where a muslim student union member encourages the slaughter of Israelis. See other schools where swastikas are painted on the doors of Jewish students.
Yourish offers some advice.

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