Friday, October 19, 2007

Weird Bird Friday!

Is there usually an exclamation point in the title? Who cares. This week's bird is the Parlor Roller. Shut up and look at it:

Yes, a stinkin' pigeon.

It's a pigeon, all right, but (cue Psycho music) it doesn't fly, it rolls along the ground.

In fact, the birds are bred to roll, and not just in parlors (who has a parlor anymore?); there are competitions and everything. The thousand-foot roll apparently is the Holy Grail (full of birdseed) of parlor roller breeders, akin to Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier (should that be capitalized? It doesn't even exist). Here's the only vid I could find immediately and with no effort of a Parlor Roller rolling:

I could watch that all day. In fact, I plan to. As the kid says at the end, "Awkeoo. Ugoo?"

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