Monday, October 22, 2007

Rocky reader: Real Indians hate Means, Morris, Churchill

Letter to the editor (unedited) in the News from Denver resident and apparent Lakota Indian Rhonda Williams:

I am so happy that the press finally displayed (in their photographs) Glen Morris’s true following [at the Columbus Day protest]... “Young priviledged white college students!”

All of you lethal ignorant people who posted your racist comments about Indian people should know that Glenn Morris’ following comes from your communities not ours! [Not sure what "racist" comments she's referring to here.] Glenn Morris and Russel Means do NOT speak for the Indian people! One of the things that the majority of the Indian community in Denver is sick and tired of is ... that every time this Columbus farce of standing up for Indian rights goes on ... it is blamed on the Indian community, when it is really Glen Morris and his white priviledged wanna be following! There is a a custom in the Lakota culture ... the custom being that we turn our backs to people and situations that we don’t support and the majority of Indian people turned their backs on Glenn Morris and Russel Means a long time ago.

But every year the press reports that the Cop-lumbus Day protest was about the Indians vs. the American Italians and the Indian people have to deal with the racist repercussions for the rest of the year! (As demonstrated in some of the responses.)

Our children pay for Glen, Russell and their priviledged followers narcissist exploitation of Indian people! How many of you lethally ignorant racist people have truly paid attention to who participates in the Columbus Day protest? [I have! I have!] And those of you non-Indians who support the Indian community? For those who are just looking for an excuse to blame and put down the Indian people ... sooo sorry — you’ll have to search elsewhere to justify your hatred. We are not out in the streets making fools of our selves ... your next generation is!

Something that is not advertised is that for the past three years there has been a conference in Denver on the same day as the Columbus Day protest “Ending Colonial Legacies” (the press is aware.) This conference was created by Indian people for Indian people in order to give the Indian people who are sick of Glenn Morris, Russel Means and Ward Churchhill’s exploitation of Indian people (just to get a good photo shot) in Denver an alternative to the protest. . . .

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