Tuesday, October 02, 2007

KKKolumbuscidepalooza Protestors Unveil Plan To Halt Columbus Day Parade

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"This holiday is going to die here. The time for talk is over."

Idle threats and empty promises--or the real thing? We'll know Saturday:
"The leaders in last year's parade were people dressed up as members of the Third Cavalry. That was the unit who fought in the Sand Creek Massacre. It has nothing to do with Italian heritage," said Glenn Spagnuolo, one of the protest organizers who spoke at a rally this morning at Denver's City and County Building. He referred to the bloody 1864 Sand Creek raid by Colorado militiamen, in which 160 Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians — mostly women and children — were slaughtered.

"The symbolism of those marchers was very clear — racism and hate. It was the same message as the three nooses in Jena, Louisiana," he said.

Spagnuolo, who is of Italian heritage, and Glenn Morris, an organizer and an American Indian, said they have invited a large number of sympathizers to help disrupt Saturday's parade.

"There will be a large action Saturday morning to confront this parade," Spagnuolo said. "This holiday is going to die here. The time for talk is over."

Morris clarified that his group Saturday "will use every nonviolent, constitutionally protected" means of opposing the marchers.
Perhaps a repeat of 2004's sit-down action that delayed the parade for an hour while protestors were arrested? Or something a little more, shall we say, attention grabbing?

Ward Churchill won't be in attendance--as was noted two weeks ago by Drunkablog (wonder how long the MSM will take to figure out he won't be there).

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