Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not a liveblog

But I'll hack up some deathless prose while watching the Rockies get slaughtered again by the Red Sox (hey, I'm nothing if not a fair-weather fan). Ro Gockies!

The local news ginks are comparing Coors Field with Fenway, mentioning Coors' wonderful modern escalators but not that one of them has been dubbed by many observers the escalator of death!

The Maoist Internationalist Movement reviews Blades of Glory:

Under the joint dictatorship of the proletariat we won't need this movie. . . .

The sort of hard-driving characters we see in "Blades of Glory" give the world a sense of how it is that the bourgeoisie can have a peculiar interest in northern Korea. Northern Korea is interesting because it says something about how two skating stars can profit. It is reminiscent of Lenin's comments about capitalists selling the rope contract for their hanging. . . .
Fun stuff (just kidding). "Northern" Korea. They give away the ending, too. Fucking communists.

Now the local news ginks are doing a story on how Japanese-Americans and just plain old Japanese in Denver go mental over Kaz Matsui. Aren't they being racist?

Now some goof who plowed "Good Luck Go Rockies" in his field, big enough for an aerial helicopter shot. There's the aerial helicopter shot. We're so bush. But I'm glad we use our precious and dwindling resources to do stunts like this.

The fall City Journal is out. It's Dalrymplicious!

National anthem sung by James Taylor. Hearing aids in both ears.

Game time.

Colorado on top 1-0 in the first, two oots.

Video of David Horowitz being forced to stop his speech at Emory University (via LGF).

Bottom second, two outs. Drew hbp. Just wanted to use that phrase: hbp. No idea what it means.

Really, City Journal has some good stuff.

Goooooood stuff.


Oh, yeah! Baseball! Rockies up in the third. This is already kind of grueling. Hope readers (if any) feel the same!

Dogs faithfully stay by dead hunter's body--for almost a month (D-blog edit):

The dogs were found near his body in good well-fed condition. “They must have loved him a lot to stay with him for that long,” sheriff’s spokeswoman Andrea Cooper said.

Top of the fourth, still 1-0.


A man was sentenced to 70 years in prison today in the the brutal beating of a woman he held as his sex slave in a downtown hotel.

Jimmie Wellmon, 39, was charged in the Feb. 11, 2006, attack on a 26-year-old woman who was beaten, bitten, kicked, strangled, and burned with cigarettes in a room at the Adam's Mark Hotel.

Denver District Judge Catherine Lemon called Wellmon's crime "egregious."

A Speakout column ends ominously:

As much as ex-felons hold an obligation to reintegrate into society successfully — society must afford them every opportunity to succeed.

Otherwise, don’t bitch, when you come home late at night from work, and find my buddy, rummaging through your refrigerator.

Bottom of fourth, Sox just tied it with two out.

Rockies preserve the tie, just barely.

One-two-three inning.

Sixties radical Bettina Aptheker says she was molested by her Marxist historian father. Of course, she knows it happened through recovered memories:
Online, however, critics rapidly expressed doubts about Bettina's revelation. Participants on the H-Net discussion list of the History of American Communism homed in on her admission that she had failed to remember the abuse for decades. "Without corroboration, Bettina's recovered memories are less than convincing evidence," wrote Melvyn Dubofsky. FrontPage Magazine's David Horowitz went further: "I happen to suspect that the incest story is probably made up--because of everything we know about the repressed memory genre." Though less disbelieving, Ronald Radosh suggested, "She should have done this when he was alive, so he could answer." Clare Spark suggested Bettina Aptheker might be inventing tales "to demonstrate that she has overcome yet another assault by authority" or as "a way of getting attention from reviewers for her book."
Communists will believe anything. Yes, I know she claims a witness (to her father's confession), but recovered memory is a crock, and not a partial crock, neither.

Bottom of the fifth, Reds up 2-1, bases loaded, two outs. Rockies don't get out of this they're in big trouble.

Varitek popped up. Whew.

Everybody in America gets a free taco from Taco Bell because somebody on the Red Sox stole a base. I palpitate. Now the chest pains . . .

I'm so elitist. Actually I love the Taco Supreme (extra tomatoes). I just know that if I eat them very often I'll die. I'm wise like that.

They just pulled Schilling with Rockies on first and second, one out. Rockies need to score.

Ads for erectile disfunction? (Update: that is, ads for solutions to &tc.) I guess the kiddies need to know.

Rockies come up empty. Sheeee-yoot. But Chris, I mean Christ, it's only the middle of the fifth.

I want my taco.

Bottom of the sixth. Reds still up 2-1, two out, man at third.

I like the announcers, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, even though I believe it was McCarver who first used the the term "li'l nubber" to describe a ball hit in the infield.

First and third. New pitcher.

Rocks get out of it.

I'm just going to keep taking stuff from Arts and Letters Daily.

Boyz 2 Men doing God Bless America for the seventh. They started out flat, big-time. (Update: how old are B2M now, anyway? Early 50s?)

Okay, Rockies' 8th.

The BBC covers the fires in California as only the BBC can.

Tavares strikes out. Matsui strikes out. Pitching change. Holliday gets to first on a hot shot. Picked off! Nasty. Rockies' eighth over. Down to three outs.

Really, how did those dogs last a month with their dead owner? Fishing? Taco Bell?

Gross: "Kevin Rudd's earwax snack hits Youtube." A companion piece, of sorts, to the video of Gordon Brown enjoying a different kind of snack in Parliament (via Bros. Judd).

Okay, Rockies down to three outs. Helton falls behind.

Strikes out.

Fly out. Rockies down to one out.

0-2. Fans yumping up and down. Struck him out. Game over. Series comes to Denver with the Rockies in a beeeeeg hole.

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