Saturday, October 27, 2007

Peace rally downtown Denver!

Regained consciousness early enough to make it to the anti-war rally in downtown Denver at noon today. I'll just post in no particular order and mess with captions and stuff while I watch the Rockies and Red Sox.

So proud: she waved Dick's hand for me. Hi, Dick!

Giant foam pot leaf (note rip in pants).

I don't get it.

I get it.

Death's-head Uncle Sam was available for pictures.

Thought this was kind of clever. Stolen from protest in a big city, probably.

About what?

Brought Billy Bob to wow the rubes. He didn't bite anybody!

No idea what this sign means. Never got a chance to see the other side.

A frequent comparison.

Not even a little one?

The past is unquestionably prelde.

Deaths-head Uncle Sam didn't have a whole lot of different poses.

And women's gentle laxative!

Crowd of 300-400 tops. They wanted it to be the biggest. gathering. ever. The band sucked, too.

Smilin' through.

Bandanna boy. It's not a real protest unless someone shows up wearing a bandanna.

Bandanna Boy rocks to (and with) the oldies.

Wing men.

Another Mercedes for peace.

Yacking away as usual.

Go Rockies! Go . . . Endless . . . War? (Talk about torture, the Rockies are down 6-0 in the first. Bru. tal.)

Lots o' Paulians.

And truthers (there's a diff?)

Truthers everywhere.

This crap will be worth a fortune someday, but I can't bring myself to give them money.

This is a peace sign ☮, goddamnit.

After you!

And what protest would be complete without . . .

General impressions: Same old. They were angry, of course. One speaker said, "I am SICK of coming here" (which, ditto). Another bitched that not a single television crew besides Fox (heh) had turned out, and urged the crowd several times to get on their cells, call the stations (she had their numbers) and demand that they send crews. The crowd did, but I don't think it made any difference.

Story: Billy Bob, being a dog, took a dump on the Capitol grass. As I headed over to a trash can to get a plastic bag, Bandanna Boy materialized in front of me, holding something in his hand. It was a poop bag. "Would you like one of these?" he asked, politely.

Update: EP of Slapstick Politics was at the rally and got good pics. He went to the World Series game that night, too. So did the Paulians.

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