Thursday, October 25, 2007

More meaningless verbiage

Wartie spouts the usual porcine detergent to Edmonton's Vue Weekly. Difficult to find a quote to pull, he's said it all so many times. How about:

He likens the recent announcements of reparations for survivors of Canadian residential schools as relying on a car thief to decide what the punishment for auto theft ought to be.

“The perpetrators do not define what the appropriate remedy is to be,” Churchill argues, adding that, “the use of reparations is not only absurd but nauseating. How do you repair people who’ve been damaged in this fashion? How do you repair the societies that have been damaged as a result of the individuated trauma that was imposed? ... Witness the damage incurred by native societies. So, what’s the price of that? A little more than $30 000 a head and be done with it, hey?"


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