Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Sangre de Cristo pictures

As if you had a choice. Let's start with a couple of pics of the dawg on his first backpacking trip:

Billy Bob, noble protector. (Photo by the thoroughly un-deracinated Mr. B.)

Billy Bob, scavenging pig. (That's Mountain House brand freeze-dried Kibble &--I mean, Stroganoff--Billy Blob is eating. Mmmmm, Stroganoff.)

Stupid dog started eating one of those oxygen-absorbing packets that come in freeze-dried crap to preserve its freeze-dried crapness, and when I tried to get it out of his mouth he bit my thumb so hard it broke the skin. Wouldn't touch the freeze-dried eggs, though.

No dams here, man.

Aspen, semi-nude.

See, if there were a dam here, I'd blow it the fuck up, man. No shit. Ward Churchill would be happy to teach me how.

I'm an ardent environmentist.

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