Thursday, October 11, 2007

Glenn or Glennda?

Pirate Ballerina notes that the Columbus Day arrest reports of American Indian Movement of Colorado leader Glenn "You'll Be Getting It" Morris and Transform Columbus Day twit Glenn Spagnuolo bear the same home address: "2584 State Highway 67, Sedalia, Colorado—which also happens to be the address of Woodbine Ranch, a Christian camp and school owned by the Rocky Mountain Conservative Baptist Association."

The only pirate who parrots his parrot comes up with two possibilities: Glenn 'n' Glennda gave false information to the police, or they are, as the euphemism has it, "long-time companions."

I think he's kidding about that last. My own theory is that they were trying to be funny like Abbie Hoffman was funny: that is, not funny at all (David Horowitz has that same sense of humor). In any case, giving false information to the police is a class 3 misdemeanor in Colorado, he said as if he were sure.

Scrolling through the reports, by the way, I ran across this account of American Indian Movement leadership council member Josh "I'll Kill You!" Dillabaugh's arrest: "The D[efendant] tensed up when [the officer tried to put him in handcuffs]. The D had been advised he was under arrest. It required several officers to place the D in handcuffs." This was not because the D was superhumanly strong, of course, but because the police were going out of their way to play nice while arresting protesters. Otherwise they might have used any number of painful methods to persuade the D that resistance was futile--and charged him, of course, with resisting arrest. Which they didn't. Bloodbath, my ass.

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